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  • Kat Hounsell

COVID-19 Series: 5 everyday actions for social wellbeing

Us human beings are social creatures. Building meaningful relationships and feeling connected improves our quality of life, enhances our wellbeing and some studies even suggest it helps us live longer too.

Here are 5 ways to look after your social wellbeing every day – even when social distancing.

1) Schedule regular video calls with family and friends.

Whether it’s via Zoom, Facetime, or Whatsapp calling, we’ve become pretty slick at connecting online. In the coming days, weeks, months keep this up!

Talk about the tough stuff, talk about the silly stuff. Make your chats meaningful.

One of my favourite call openers so far, everyone answers…

What are you drinking and what are you thinking?

2) Connect with your team.

Whether you’re still working, on furlough, been made redundant. Connecting with your recent team enables a shared experience to talk about your shared experience!

Make it fun with quizzes, virtual pub (Thank you to the team at Fullers), teach one another a skill or recipe, or perhaps even run a group exercise class together.

3) Follow your interests.

Many clubs and social events are still happening but online. Meet others with common interests at to find free events around hobbies you care about.

4) Start a conversation with a neighbour.

This comes with a 2-metre distance health warning!

Next time you pass a neighbour, as you head out for your daily exercise or weekly shop, stop for 5-minutes and connect. Perhaps use the opportunity to say hello to a neighbour you don’t know very well.

You never know, they might need a hand with something, or maybe they can support you. Or it might just be a quick and enjoyable exchange that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

5) Respect your personal boundaries.

Caught yourself rushing dinner to make the 10th call of the week? Just because we can connect with others online, doesn’t mean we have to all the time.

It’s ok to not join every call request that comes your way - the same as you might rain check on an in-person get together because you’re not quite in the mood.

Set your own boundaries around social events. This will be personal to each of us so listen to what you need.

Our wellbeing is holistic. Check out our 5 tips for:

Finding life difficult? You’re #NotAlone. Read here for where to access professional support.


This article was originally written for The Drinks Trust as part of their COVID-19 updates. If you haven't heard of this wonderful charity then do pay their website a visit and see how you can support, or be supported, as a member of the drinks and hospitality industry.

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