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Personal development for sustainable business growth

Heartstyles is both a formula and tool that acts as a culture compass for your organisation.

Your culture is created by the way that your people behave and the values that they live by. There is an intrinsic link between this and sustainable performance, that's why our goal is to inspire everyday actions that help you build a thriving culture.

Heartstyles helps individuals and teams notice the path they are on, how they got there and then choose an effective direction for how to move forward and thrive in life, work and leadership. It’s about developing our character, alongside emotional, mental and soulful wellbeing.

We measure behaviours, not ‘types’. Scoring them in 16 areas, we build our participants a Personal Development Guide, outlining where and how they can take steps to become their best self and realise their goals.


Here’s the formula we apply to do just that:

Complete IndCMYK_edited.png

Complete Indicator

The Heartstyles Formula

M + A + C = P

Just like your old algebra homework, this equation is far simpler than it looks. The P stands for performance – that’s our end goal. We arrive at it via a three-stage process: Measure (the M), Activate (the A part) and Cultivate (which would be the C).

1. Measure

The Heartstyles Indicator gives us a measure of the behaviours at play in your business – both effective and ineffective.

2. Activate

This is where we take the information we’ve collected and use it to lay out a personal development journey for your people. The learning programmes are informal in feel but thoroughly purposeful.

3. Cultivate

This is about cementing the progress that’s been made so the benefit sare felt for years to come. We do this by supplying ongoing coaching, making personal development a real part of your DNA.

4. Performance

Performance means different things to different people. It could be increased sales, better employee engagement or something else altogether. Whatever your goal, together we’ll come up with a clear and accurate way to measure the metrics that matter to you.

Heartstyles can be introduced within leadership development, coaching or integrated as an organisation wide employee engagement tool to measure your company culture.


We can introduce your people to the science that underpins the approach in our everyday resilience workshop.


To discover more about the Heartstyles tool, including 360 feedback options and academic validation, click here:


Our Tool at a Glance

The Heartstyles Indicator is:


Available in 25 languages


Quick and easy, taking just 10 minutes to complete


Made up of 75 carefully selected questions


Backed by facilitated learning and training

You can use it to:

Gain a 360-degree snapshot of the way your people live and work


Take that knowledge, shift behaviours and grow

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