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Leadership development
for your organisation

Leaders are the guardians of culture. Their commitment and role-modelling are paramount in enabling a thriving culture where wellbeing and sustainable performance is your organisation’s reality.


Through collaboration, we will build with you a value-adding leadership solution that’s made-to-measure. We offer the flexibility to create and curate a programme that is unique for you and your business.


To embed the learning and encourage your leaders to take everyday actions, we can provide coaching before, during and post courses.


Our promise is to build both the character and skillset of your leaders using the Heartstyles approach so they have the mindset and motivation to effectively:




Topics can include:


  • Playing to my strengths

  • Living by my values

  • Having a thriving mindset

  • Being resilient



Topics can include:


  • Coaching for growth

  • Being an inclusive leader

  • Building trust

  • Feedback for performance

the business

Topics can include:


  • Enabling a thriving culture

  • Developing a future vision

  • Being a strategic driver

  • Fostering collaboration

Looking for mental health awareness training?

Your leaders have a duty of care to their team members. We recommend introducing your managers and supervisors to Mental Health First Aid skills and our everyday mental health awareness for leaders workshop.

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