Workshops for everyone

With stress and mental health related absences on the rise, it's not just leaders that need support.

Our workshops draw the link between wellbeing and performance. They empower everyone to take everyday actions in order to thrive.​

We know that one-size never fitted anyone, that’s why we tailor the length, activities, and language of all workshops to be relevant for your team.

Workshops (available online & f2f)

Everyday mental health awareness

What is mental health?

This workshop answers the FAQs around mental health, helps break down stigma, and highlights early warning signs of mental illness.

We will help inspire a listening culture whilst signposting professional supports available including those specific to your organisation.

Everyday mental health awareness for leaders

What is my role as a people leader?

Delving deeper, this workshop helps your managers consider how to lead a healthy team (including managing stress at work), their responsibilities when a team member becomes unwell, and navigating the boundaries of the relationship.

We will communicate your organisation's  policies and procedures to reinforce your wellbeing strategy.

Everyday wellbeing

Stress gets bad press. Is it something to fight, embrace, manage or accept? This workshop explores the impact of stress on performance. Your people will leave with ways to boost holistic wellbeing in order to maximise ‘good’ stress and minimise the ‘bad’.


Why not take the fun, engagement, and impact to a whole other level! A version of this workshop is available with gamified learning in partnership with our friends at Wildgoose.

Got something specific in mind - bespoke design?

We’re experienced in partnering with people like you to create bespoke design.


Collaboration is key to creating a new, nimble and novel solution that really 'hits-the-mark' with your team.

Everyday resilience

This workshop digs into the impact of change, uncertainty and adversity, and how we can use difficult times as a springboard to not just bounce back, but bounce bigger. It’s all about strengthening your resilience muscle.

This workshop uses the Heartstyles approach – giving individuals and teams a compass to thrive in work, and life.

Want your people to be the facilitators?

We love delivering these workshops, but, we also understand that the message can have more ‘oomph’ if it travels from peer-to-peer.


Talk to us about our Train-the-Facilitator approach.

You can't stop the waves but you can learn to surf.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, wellbeing scientist and professor

Did you know?

Last year the UK lost 12.8 million working days due to stress.


Health & Safety Executive (2018/2019)

I have been delighted to find such a great partner in Everyday People to support our business with upskilling our teams on sensitive subjects in a very safe, encouraging and engaging manner. Kat is particularly careful to truly understand my requirements providing me with exactly what I need.

- Anita Wheeler, Head of Learning, Development and Internal Communications at Student Roost

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