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everyday people

Inspiring your organisation to thrive.

People development specialists, helping to build thriving cultures within organisations.


We support leaders and teams to take everyday actions that improve wellbeing and realise sustainable performance.

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Who we are

everyday people values

Our values:

Respect, courage, curiosity and a little cheekiness

everyday people belief

Our belief:
Success arises from our
everyday actions

everyday people vision

Our vision:
All organisations contributing to a thriving society

Who we are
How we help

For everyone.

Mental Health First Aid

For your leaders.

Leadership development

For your organisation


For your leaders and teams

Our client partners

We had the pleasure of working with everyday people during our Wellbeing Week. They prepared an inspirational session on what it means to be ‘Thriving or Striving’. The facilitator's naturally engaging approach managed to turn quite a heavy and serious topic into a light-hearted, informative and interactive session for everyone involved, across every level of the organisation. We are now working with Everyday People on the next stage of our journey, and focusing on how we can help our People thrive.

- Daniella Rideout, EMEA People Partner at Text100

“I discovered first hand that high

performance can’t be sustained

without care for our wellbeing. 

I’ve since met many businesses, and individuals, who’ve learnt this lesson the hard way.


My hope is to help your organisation thrive, so you can tell a different story.” 

Kat Hounsell
Founder, everyday people



We promise to always...

  • Inspire your people to take everyday actions that will enable them and your organisation to thrive​

  • Deliver experiences rooted in the latest wellbeing and performance research

  • Be your ambassadors and bring your organisation’s brand to life

Business case for thriving at wrk

Thriving matters

Every organisation has a duty of care for its people. Looking after one another is the right thing to do. It also makes business sense.

Healthier people are proven to be more engaged, creative and productive.

They contribute to a culture you can be proud of, and are energised to deliver on your customer promise. All resulting in sustainable business success.

Thriving impacts your bottom line as much as your culture:

  • Decrease in absenteeism

  • Decrease in staff turnover

  • Increase in productivity

You can't build a reputation on what you're going to do.


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